Monday, May 4, 2009

Circle Yer Wagons #29

I can not get over the weekend at the Circle Yer Wagons #29 VW event this week end. I was reeling with anticipation Wednesday before the event and I was in heaven on Thursday when I saw VW Buses in the parking lot of a motel in Sevierville TN. Then on Friday I went to the venue and set up next to one of the most beautiful VW THINGS owned by Tee and Evelyn it was called "One Sweet Thing" which was in Hot VW magizine in March 2009 I remembered it from the mag and was pleased to spend the week end with this very wonderful couple and was equally pleased to meet Charles and Peggy ( and Bandit) another Thing owner( HEY GUYS!!!!). While I was there on Friday Vw's from all over began to roll in and I was in stimulus over load. This was my first VW only event and I was freaking out on everything . Parts vendors where there and I could not look fast enough for parts. I got alot of small items that I was needing and even installed some on site. Needless to say it was a HUGE event. I do not need to mention I was like a hyper active kid after eating a 3 pound bag of sugar. I met alot of VW owners including some Guys from Dayton Ohio. Shawn Taylor was one of them who won one of the top 75 awards. I myself am proud to say that my 71 Ghia ( Helga) "The Smoky Mountain Surf Wagon " Won a top 75 award and the Best Display Award! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!. Below are some of the the Pics I took from the show. Me and my lovely wife plan on attending the event again in October and my wife even is thinking she wants a square back so now we both are going to be fully involved. SEE YA'LL !!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok! this is funny! The song is by a man named Richard Cheese and he takes modern tunes and makes them LOUNGE music . Then this guy took one and made a video . HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!
You should hear Richard Cheese do "Baby's Got Back"!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good lord!!! I have to watch where I park my car!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well I am really missing my Ghia right now. Helga(as I call her) is in the shop having a few things done, all necessary, however it still doesn't make me miss her any less. She is having a Valve adjustment, which is well over due. Then while they have the valve covers off they are replacing my( get this ) original push rod tubes which the seals have been leaking. Also points, timing and carburetor adjustment. New spark plug wires and plugs. All of this in anticipation of our trip to Florida. I have also been getting estimates on finally painting her. Yes she will painted the original british racing green hoooraa! of course the paint will be later but getting started. Any way, here is an old pic just for postarity.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Some people say that after awhile you will begin to look like your classic car. I say hey! there is nothing wrong with a little snow on the roof!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Smokie mountain Surfin

I did a little surfin up in the Smokies this past weekend and I know you are sayin WHAT? are you on dope? well no but of course I will explain, being a surfer and living in the mountains means you have to get creative. Me and my wife spent the weekend up in the mountain streams floating around in our smokie mountain surf boards. ( old truck innertubes) sounds like a couple of rednecks, but god it was fun. We met a couple who much to our suprize came rolling into the parking area early like us with a beautiful VW Bus. Needless to say we got a kick out of the whole thing. the next week I built a new rack to look like the antique ones. I even added ladels with a company name just to ad a touch of proffessional look to it I called it NICE RACK, a throw back to the seventies and either I will get a few laughs or slapped by some foxy chick. either way it is all in fun and well you know this comes from the heart not the pen.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, my car is now an award winning car!

I am very proud to say that my car has won it's first car show. Before I get to excited let me first say that I love the idea of having something to show for your work however, working on a car to show is more than trophies and monetary awards. I do really love something else it gives. I love it when a person sticks their head in the window looks around and comes back out with a giant smile on their face. It creates a whole array of memories , that flash back of a time of joy or a memory of a first date or even a first time getting to drive alone. I feel responsible for that lash back by providing the transportation. Now about the award. My Karmann Ghia won 2nd place for best import and I am very proud because this was my first competitive event with the car and I was completely taken by surprise. There were many cars there and all were fantastic cars. I HAD A BALL!!!!!! Below are pics of the car and trophy. Winning is not everything but it does feel good when it happens remember this comes from the heart not the pen.